Annual Fundraising

The Friends of the Portola Valley Library work with the Town and County to ensure the continuing vitality and relevance of the library in the 21st century. Our library is one of 12 community libraries in the San Mateo County Library (SMCL) system. Through this partnership, our collection of books, DVDs, audio-books, and other resoures is greatly enhanced, as all partner libraries share their collections. In addition, SMCL employs our library staff and provides a wide range of programs and events.

To enhance our library’s offerings beyond what the county budget can provide, the Friends conduct an annual fundraising campaign. The monies raised underwrite library events and programs, as well as furnishings and equipment, that enhance everyone’s library experience. Our summer newsletter and our winter postcard remind Town residents that we continue to need their generous support.

Major Fundraising for the 2008 library

Many residents may not be aware that the the original plans for the “new” Town Center did not include a library! It had resided in several classrooms at the old Town Center, the former Portola Valley School. When the Town Center was razed in 2005 to prepare for new construction, Corte Madera School graciously provided temporary space for a minimal version of the library

The Friends’ initital effort was to raise awareness that the Town would no longer have a library. The success of this effort was the addition of an award-winning building that would be the first purpose-built library in the Town’s history.

As the new Town Center took shape, the Friends realized that funds allocated by the San Mateo County Library System for furnishings, fixtures, and equipment would fall far short of what was needed. In 2007 the Friends launched a major fundraising campaign with a target of $150,000. Town residents stepped up to achieve and exceed this goal. Click here for the list of our incredibly generous donors, without whom we would not enjoy our charming Portola Valley Library.